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Graduate Program

The Graduate Program in Religion in Syracuse University's College of Arts and Sciences was founded in 1955. It has offered study toward the Ph.Das well as the M.A. since 1969. Our Program emphasizes cultural and theoretical approaches to the study of religion, and attends to the intersections of religion with art, history, literature, politics, psychology, and philosophy. Graduate students are encouraged to investigate both the religious dimensions of secular culture and established religious traditions as cultural phenomena. We offer students the opportunity to forge a unique, creative, and rigorous program of study.


At Syracuse, we recognize the interdependence of religion and culture. Faculty research and graduate course offerings fall into three broad and comparative clusters: Theories of Religion, Histories of Religion, and Arts and Aesthetics of Religion. Our Department is well known for its focused theorization of the concept of "religion", its commitment to interdisciplinary research, and its skill in training scholars to think historically, philosophically, and cross-culturally.


Graduate students in Religion work collaboratively with faculty and through the Department's Future Professoriate Program to prepare students for today's competitive job market. We are proud that more than two-thirds of recent graduates occupy college or university teaching positions. For a list of PhDs awarded since 1990 and their placements, see Progress, Placements and Dissertations.


Our faculty all work in the Graduate and Undergraduate Programs and all remain active in research and conferences. For further information on our faculty, see our faculty pages. We seek graduate students who will develop a close intellectual relationship with a cluster of faculty, and who are open to collaborating with faculty outside their research specializations for advice on pedagogy, grant proposals, and professional development. As our departmental oral history relates, we are a "department of the whole."


Our website has information on the specific requirements of the MA program and the PhD program. For any further information about our programs  please contact our Graduate Secretary, Jackie Borowve, and our Director of Graduate Studies, Prof. M. Gail Hamner, Dept. of Religion, Room 501 Hall of Languages, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244-1170. Phone: (315) 443-3861.