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Department of Religion Syllabi

Spring 2017

Syallbi are provided by the Department of Religion not only as a service to our students but also our colleagues in other departments and institutions. Course design is a dialogical process between faculty, staff, colleagues, and students.

Course # Name Professor
REL 103  Religion & Sports Dr. Philip Arnold
REL 103  Religion & Sports (online) Dr. Philip Arnold
REL/JSP 114  The Bible Dr. James Watts
REL 120 m001  Introduction to the Study of Religion Dr. William Robert
REL 125 m001  Religion and Sexuality Mr. David Newman
REL/JSP135  Judaism Ms. Maria Carson
REL 156 m001  Christianity Dr. Marcia Robinson
REL/MES/SAS 165  Discovering Islam Dr. Tazim Kassam
REL 200 m002  ST: Religion, Spirituality, Nature Dr. Gail Hamner
REL 200 m003  ST: American Minority Religion Dr. Megan Goodwin
REL 200 U800  ST: Gender in Islam Dr. Tazim Kassam
REL/JSP/LIT 235  Travel Narratives and Pilgrimages Dr. Ken Frieden
REL/JSP 239  Jewish Humor & Satire Dr. Ken Frieden
REL 255  Depth Psychology & Religious Ethics Ms. Terry Reeder
REL 300, m001  ST: Performing Religion (meets with DRA 300) Dr. William Robert, Professor Kathryn Baum
REL 320 m002  Digital Religion Mr. John Borchert
REL 320 m003  Women & Religion: Sisters & Sages Ms. Sara Swenson
REL/JSP/LIT 335  Israeli Literature and Culture Professor Erella Brown-Sofer
REL/JSP 338  American Judaism Dr. Zachary Braiterman
REL 342/PSC/JSP  Religion and Politics in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict Dr. Miriam Elman
REL 357/QSX  Queerly Religious Dr. William Robert
REL 359  Stem Cells and Society (cross-listed with BIO/PHI 396) Dr. Hille Paakkunainen
REL/JSP 439  Senior Seminar in Jewish Studies: Topic- Midrash Dr. Zachary Braiterman
REL 461/ PHI 427  Enlightenment: The West & Islam Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid
REL600  Kant's Critique of Judgement Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid
REL600  Topic: American Religion:Innovation/Immigration Professor R. Gustav Niebuhr
REL603  Theories and Methods in the Study of Religion II  Dr. Virginia Burrus
REL620  Textual Scripts in the Study of Religion: Iconic Books/ Performative Texts Dr. James W Watts
Current Syallbi for the Syracuse University Department of Religion