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Department of Religion

Consult the Course Catalog for specific requirements.

Sample Requirements for the M.A. in Religion

Students are admitted to the M.A. program in Religion to conduct innovative and interdisciplinary research in one concentration and one traditional or regional religious culture (see the Graduate Program Description). They must do course work in other concentrations and religious cultures as well.


The student seeking the M.A. in religion must earn 30 credits:

  • 27 credits of course work in 3-credit seminars, 18 of which must be taken in the Department of Religion.
  • 3 credits for thesis research.


Students must take the departmental seminar in their concentration during each semester of their course work.

Students must also enroll in REL 601-603 during their first two semesters, and then pass a proficiency exam in theories of religion at the end of the second semester in the M.A. program.

Language Requirement:

The student must demonstrate competence in one language other than English before the beginning of the third semester of study. If continuing on to the Ph.D., another language requirement must be completed before the beginning of the third year of Ph.D. study.


The M.A. requires that students write a thesis. Any member of the Department of Religion faculty may direct thesis research.

Students must write a thesis proposal which must be approved by the thesis advisor and a faculty committee. Students must then write the thesis and defend it orally before a three-person faculty thesis committee.

Financial Support:

Most students admitted to the M.A. program receive full tuition scholarships. Many also receive University Fellowship stipends.