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Recent Ph.D. Dissertations (2000-2017)

2017 "The Desire for Utopia in the Critical Study of Religion" [Advisor: M. Gail Hamner]
2016 "Brothers in Blood: The Significance of Land and Loss in the Creation of Jewish and Native American Ethnic and Religious Identity" [directed by Philip Arnold and in collaboration with Chief Jesse Jacobs of the Onondaga Nation]
"Collective Becoming: Participation, Affect, and Religion in Protestant Hymn Singing and Contra Dancing" [advisor: M. Gail Hamner].
"Religiosity in Secular Spaces: Perinatal Bereavement Rituals in the Hospital." [Advisor: M. Gail Hamner]
"Visionary Architecture: Monastic Magic and Cognition in John Morigny's Liber Florum." [Advisor: Patricia Cox Miller]
2015 "The All World Gayatri Pariwar: Religion, Science, and the Body in Modern India." [Advisor: Joanne P. Waghorne]
"All Joking Aside: The Role of Religion in American Jewish Satire." [Advisor: Zachary J. Braiterman]
2014 "Attunements to the Good Life: Religious Joy and the Critique of Eudaemonism in the Writings of Soren Kierkegaard." [Advisor: John D. Caputo]
"Thoreau's A Week, Religion as Preservative Care: Opposing the Christian Doctrine of Discovery, Manifest Destiny, and a Religion of Subjugation." [Advisor: Philip P. Arnold]
2013 "Irreconcilable Mourning: Inheritance, Redemption, and the Critique of History."[Advisors: John D. Caputo and M. Gail Hamner]
"The Deconstruction of Hell: A History of the Resignatio Ad Infernum Tradition." [Adviser: John D. Caputo].
2012 "The Immanent Body: A Thematic Study of the Logic of Immanence in Christology, Philosophy and Aesthetics." [Advisor: John D. Caputo].
"'She's an All-In-One Guru': Devotion to a 21st-Century Mystic." [Advisors: Joanne Punzo Punzo Waghorne and Ann Grodzins Gold].
"Experiencing Zion: Contemporary Pilgrimage in the Latter-Day Saint Tradition." [Advisor: Joanne Punzo Waghorne].
"Animal Religion: Evolution, Affect and Radical Embodiment." Adviser: John D. Caputo].
"The Gospels as Ritualized Sites of Memory in Late Ancient Imperial Culture." [Advisor: James W. Watts].
2011 "Specters of Truth: Exercising Philosophy and Theology." [Adviser: John D. Caputo].
2010 "Beauty and/as Theology: The Theological Aesthetics of Hans Urs von Balthasar." [Advisor: John D. Caputo].
"Auguring Life: Interpretation and Guidance in Lukumi Cowry Shell Consultation." [Advisor: Philip P. Arnold]
"Political Theory After the 'Return of Religion': Radical Democracy as Religious Affirmation." [Advisor: John D. Caputo]
"Webs of Connectivity: Foundations of the Neopagan Internet Community." [Advisor: M. Gail Hamner]
"The Body of Love: Conceiving Perfection in the Oneida Community."  [Advisor: Philip P. Arnold]
2009 "Asceticism and Allegory: Exegesis as an Ascetic Performance." [Advisor: Patricia Cox Miller]
"Guru Love: On the Tropes of Eroticism in the Spiritual Relationship between Master and Disciple." [Advisor: Ann G. Gold]
"The Iconic Book: The Image of the Christian Bible in Myth and Ritual." [Advisor: James W. Watts]
"Listening to Places: A Comparative Study of Zen, Sufism, and Cosmology." [Advisor: Joanne P. Waghorne]
"Promoting Research Ethics Training: Understandings of Community, Partnership, Virtue and Diversity." [Advisor: Ann G. Gold]
"Spinoza's Philosophy of Divine Order." [Advisor: Zachary Braiterman]
"When Bodhisattvas of the Earth become Global Citizens: Soka Gakkai in Comparative Perspective." [Advisor: Joanne P. Waghorne]
"Writing Holiness, Writing Violence: Suffering and the Construction of Female Sanctity." [Advisor: Patricia Cox Miller]
2008 "Seeing the Swarming Dead: Of Mushrooms, Trees, and Bees." [Advisor: Philip P. Arnold]
2007 "The Religious Invention(s) of John Cage." [Advisor: Richard B. Pilgrim]
"Policing Public/Private Borders: Religion, Liberalism, and the 'Private Judgment of the Magistrate'." [Advisor: M. Gail Hamner]
"Prolonged Response: The Kyoto School and the New Confucian Movement as Products of the Western Impact." [Advisor: Richard B. Pilgrim]
2006 "A Deleuzian Feminism: Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics." [Advisor: Gregg Lambert]
"Just Speech: The Grammar of an Ethics Beyond Essence." [Advisor: Ernest Wallwork]
"The Problem of Phantasia in the History and Study of Religion." [Advisor: David L. Miller]
"Secret Religion: Surrealism in the New Era of Religion." [Advisor: David L. Miller]
"Theatron and Theoria: Vision, Visuality, and Religious Spectatorship." [Advisor: Patricia Cox Miller]
"Zosimus of Panopolis: Alchemy, Nature, and Religion in Late Antiquity." [Advisor: Patricia Cox Miller]
2005 "Relationship Between Religion and Identity Development: A Study of Second Generation American Muslim Adolescents." [Advisor: Ernest Wallwork]
"A Theory of Purity From the Perspective of Comparative Religion." [Advisor: James W. Watts]
2004 "The Power of Sacrifice: Roman and Christian Discourse in Conflict." [Advisor: James W. Watts]
"Remember to Forget: The Theological Tropology of Disavowal and Confession." [Advisor: M. Gail Hamner]
"Translators and Converts: Religion, Exchange, and Orientation in Colonial New France, 1608-1680." [Advisors: Philip P. Arnold and Charles H. Long]
"Tumultuous Meetings and the Fury of Freedom: Rethinking African American Religion." [Advisors: Philip P. Arnold and Charles H. Long]
2003 "The Aesthetics of Nostalgia: The Return of the Real in Postmodern Christian Discourse." [Advisor: James W. Watts]
"Ethics 2.0: Post-Biological-Posthuman Subjectivity and the Challenge to Ethics." [Advisor: James B. Wiggins]
"Religion and Sexual Violence in Late Greco-Roman Antiquity." [Advisor: Patricia Cox Miller]
2001 "Christian Anarchism--The Catholic Worker Movement: Roman Catholic Authority and Identity in the U.S." [Advisor: James G. Williams]
"The Emptiness of Presence in Religion and Literature." [Advisor: David L. Miller]
"For the Sake of Sorrow: Christian Holocaust Theology and the Interpretation of the Resurrection." [Advisor: David L. Miller]
"Gift and Commodity: Sociocultural Economies, Indigenous Religions, and Academic Exchange Practices." [Advisor: Philip P. Arnold]
"The Problem of Philosophical Theology." [Advisor: Charles Winquist]
"Service and Performance: 'Leitourgia' and the Study of Early Christian Ritual." [Advisor: Patricia Cox Miller]