Small classes and a committed faculty encourage critical investigation of religion in its cultural, social, political, and philosophical dimensions. Study particular religious traditions, or study religion from a global or theoretical perspective. Explore questions of meaning, modes of spirituality, and intersections with gender, sexuality, race. Both a major and a minor are offered.

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Study Religion

Religion is deeply connected to the human experience. We explore the role of religion in art, literature, philosophy, and society. We examine both the historical role of religion in the making of thought and civilization and how religion continues to play a crucial role in society today. Studying Religion can enable you to develop a critical awareness of one of the foundations of human culture & society.



The hallmarks of our MA and PhD programs in religion are creative interdisciplinarity, theoretical reflection, and the rigorous investigation of material, textual, cultural, aesthetic, and political dimensions of religions. An intimate context and collaborative ethos nurture intellectual experimentation and growth. We strongly support teaching experience and pedagogical development.

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Biko Mandela GrayNew Faculty Snapshot: Biko Mandela GrayVirginia Burrus profile photoAncient Christian Ecopoetics, a new book by Virginia BurrusDeepali Kulkarni Receives the Fulbright Research AwardSara Ann Swenson Receives Fulbright-HaysWilliam Robert, profile photoWilliam Robert to serve as a panelist for: Faith and Sexuality: Resolving and Living with the Conflicts

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2019 Eastern International Regional Meeting of the American Academy of Religion

Apr 13, 2019, 8:00 AM

McGill University Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Humanities Corridor Grant Supports the Formation of a Central NY Religious Studies Consortium

Dec 6, 2018, 11:30 AM

Collaboration among Central New York Religious Studies scholars is nothing new. However, Syracuse University’s Religion Department has recently made moves to enhance such collaboration. In Septe...