Carson Webb is now Assistant Professor at Eureka College

March 30, 2016

Carson Webb (Ph.D. 2014) has been appointed Assistant Professor of Religious Studies (tenure-track, beginning fall 2016) at Eureka College, where he will teach courses on philosophy of religion, the history of religious thought, global religions, biblical studies, and interdisciplinary courses in religious studies. Carson says, "I'm grateful for the education I received at Syracuse. More than once during my interviews I was able to draw from the knowledge, skills, and virtues I cultivated in the Ph.D. program, including the Future Professoriate Program, to offer a global and interdisciplinary perspective that made me stand out from other candidates. I needed to converse with the hiring committee and other faculty members not only about my research on Kierkegaard and modern religious thought but also about multiple religious traditions in relation to various fields and disciplines. Syracuse's program was instrumental in helping me navigate this process successfully."