Professors Ken Frieden & Gwendolyn Pough appointed to Tolley Professorships

Ken Frieden and Gwendolyn Pough

Ken Frieden and Gwendolyn Pough

September 7, 2018

Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce the consecutive appointments of two highly regarded and esteemed faculty members to the title of William P. Tolley Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities. Ken Frieden will hold the appointment for the 2018-2020 term, while fellow A&S colleague, Gwendolyn Pough will step into the two-year professorship beginning in 2020.

“The selections of professors Frieden and Pough to represent the highest levels of teaching in the humanities truly speaks to both their commitment to educational excellence, innovative research, and discovery,” remarked Karin Ruhlandt, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. “The importance of robust scholarship in the humanities cannot be understated when it comes to preparing students to live in a world of diverse languages, histories and cultures.”

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