Rebecca Moody

Rebecca Moody

PhD Candidate Critique, Image, and Politics

514 Hall of Languages



My primary research interests reside at the intersection of religion, cultural studies, feminist theory, film theory, affect theory and ethnography. I use this this interdisciplinary axis to explore visual representations of women’s material bodies and the work that they perform. My dissertation grows out of my recent extended experience living and working in Fes, Morocco; in it, I analyze filmic representations of Moroccan women in recent fiction films by Moroccan women filmmakers as sites of resistance to dominant narratives and sites from which to birth counter narratives. I contend that Moroccan women filmmakers actively resist the rhetorical and structural violence of the monarchy’s narratives about Moroccan women, but through cinematography rather than dialogue. Through this cinematography, viewers sensorially and synaesthetically experience women’s quotidian conditions of life; that is, through film form viewers experience economic, political, cultural and religious realities that cannot be argued overtly in spoken word.

(B.A., Oklahoma State University, English, 1998; M.A., University of Texas at Austin, Women and Gender Studies, 2006., M.A. Syracuse University, 2010). | Jugaad: A Material Religions Project | WTF affect