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Holly White

Holly White

PhD Candidate Critique, Image, and Politics

514 Hall of Languages


Holly is a doctoral candidate researching the intersections of late modern Utopianism and social constructionist theories of religion. Her work includes investigations into Christian and secular procedures of ethical formation and subjectivation, positioning her thought for use in teaching introductory courses in the Religious Studies. She has a Masters degree in Theological Studies from Bethany Theological Seminary in Richmond, Indiana. Other areas of research include twentieth century theology, theories of religion and society, and modern aesthetics and cultural production with a special interest in literature. She also has worked with the Graduate School at SU in facilitating workshops for and promoting the Future Professoriate Program and the Fulbright Fellows Orientation, as has taught courses at SU, Ithaca College and Bethany Seminary while completing her degree.
Research includes theories of religion and society; modernist critiques of religion; Utopianism in late modernism; aesthetics of catastrophe; pedagogical approaches to "World" religions.

(B.A. Baldwin-Wallace College, 1995; M.A. Bethany Theological Seminary, 2004.)